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   Updated: 6/12/2008       2008 game schedules are now up. Sorry for the delay in getting them up this year.           2008 Howard Dunbar Tournament will be on July 4-6.          The Cheyenne Grizzlies are looking for host families for their college age players. Imagine a baseball role model player living with your family for June and July. Call the Grizzlies at 307-631-7337            The Cheyenne Grizzlies will be putting on Pitching/Hitting/Defense Clinics in June, July.               

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CJL All-Star Information

2005 New ALL-Star Programs

We at the CJL are always looking for ways to improve player development. This year the Player Development Committee recommended a change to the existing All-Star program. These changes were excepted by the CJL Board on March 28, 2005.

Starting in 2005 there will be two All-Star programs. One Tournament All-Star program (The Cheyenne All-Stars) that will play tournaments and One City Based All-Star program (The CJL Classic All-Stars) that will play one single mid season tournament.


Cheyenne Traveling All-Star program:


  •  Complete coach control. The coaches set the tournaments up, raise sponsor money, (In the future this money would be turned into the CJL and the CJL pays for uniforms.) Uniforms become property of the CJL and are reused. Hats, jackets, or jersey can be given as gifts or paid for by the player. Similar to the regular play across the street. Possibly paying for the opportunity to play. (United Way help)


  • Sponsored by the CJL but not ran by the CJL

  1. The CJL will run a tryout but the coaches make the ultimate selection.

  2. The CJL picks the coaches and controls those coaches as any CJL coach. (Through rules)

  3. CJL would support/sponsor two tournaments by paying their tournament feees.

  4. Only three teams, 10 under, 11, under, 12 under.

  5. Players would need to be enrolled as CJL players (Future: All-star Fee) (United Way help).

  6. At least four weekends would be available for Tournament play.

  • Memorial day (Before league play begins)

  • Fathers Day

  • 4th of July

  • State Tournament

  • CJL All-star weekend (coincide with a popular out of town tournament.)


  1. Players would have the opportunity to play more games than a regular season.

  2. Players learn new rules and tournament play.

  3. The CJL would not have to run the Traveling All-star program.

  4. The coaches start their teams at any time after the coaches are selected. CJL could select the coaches or offer it to last years coach of the year. More development time.

CJL runs one tryout and turns the info over to the coaches. After that it is up to the coaches to select players etc. The CJL is then out of the loop. If the CJL thinks the coach is not representing the CJL in a good light he or she can be removed by the CJL board.

The teams consist of 12 players (boys and girls) and will be playing in tournaments only. The CJL will pay for two tournaments (Dunbar and one other). The players must be committed to this higher level of play and must be willing to travel. All-Star teams could win tournaments and could get offers to play in national games representing Cheyenne and Wyoming.

These boys and girls are considered the best of the best. Many very good ball players do not “try out” for the all-Stars. This is unfortunate for those players, with the All-Stars those Players get to play at a level very few players reach. They also get to meet new friends, be coached by some of the best coaches and travel with their family to events where they are one of the stars.

They also get very high grade uniforms and get to play as the big leagues play. They get to have fun, learn new rules and develop in a few days what many kids will not see for years.

Some kids only make the Traveling All-Stars once in a life time so we want to make sure they have the time of their lives with the All-Star baseball program.


The Coaches and Managers must raise their own money for uniforms, equipment (other than CJL equipment), travel and tournament fees (Other than the two CJL tournaments). This is a big undertaking, uniforms can cost from $75.00 – $300.00/ player. Team pictures, travel and other costs can also run in the hundreds. Many player parents will have to absorb some of those costs. A good goal is to raise $200.00 per player. All-Star teams can be very creative with sponsor banners, business picture placards, logos on jerseys/coats, etc. etc. Coaches will find the Cheyenne community very interested in helping these All-Stars, it’s a big plus for business to be represented by the best of the best.



Classic All-Star Program


The CJL has reinstated the “Classic” All-star program. Four Players are selected from every team based on an area of town or conference. Example: east, west, north, south, central areas. Alternate players would also be selected. This would make sure many team players are involved with play. This would be the CJL controlled ALL-Star program.

It would develop younger players with less skill, it will get the community involved and the cost will be a weekend tournament and a preview to the end of season play.

Coaches learn tournament play and players learn, new friends, new drills, etc. etc.

Rule                                                                      Benefit

3 Players and up to 2 alternates from every team. Alternates only practice if they wish or as needed.

This will insure several players are involved with higher play and give many new players and coaches a view of tournament play.

The round robin tournament would be played over one of the weekends that the Traveling All-stars would be gone.

This allows no disruptions to the league play and also promotes players that can not travel with the tournament team.

CJL will trophy the 1st and 2nd place at each level.

Cost would be minimal for the play. Rainouts would not be made up.

Winning coaches would be put in for coach of the year.

Qualifications for the coach of the year….The CJL is Watching you

Pictures will be available.

Adds revenue stream to the program. Also allows league to solicit for All-star tournament sponsors.

Coaches will not be able to practice until two weeks prior to the tournament.

Players will learn tournament rules and help develop for the traveling All-stars

Coaches would be selected by the CJL Board based on nominees.

Keeps coaches wanting more as well as the players. Makes it fun and exciting during the year.

 Some of the tournament play differences are:

  • Lead off when stealing

  • Dropped third strike in effect

  • Balk for Catchers and Pitchers

  • Position play not all rotation

  • Designated runners

  • Pitcher substitution/rotation

All-Star Myths

There are many myths about the All-star program. Some coaches/parents think the players might not be able to play their regular CJL games….. this is NOT the case. The CJL makes it clear that the regular season practices and games come first. Even though the All-Star players will develop to a higher level of play at the All-Star practices they must not conflict with the regular practices. The All-Star coaches schedule practices around the regular practice work week. Many All-Star teams practice during the day on Fridays and Sundays to avoid any conflict.


 All-Star coaches are selected by the Cheyenne Junior League they are selected from coaches that throw their hat into the ring. Many coaches are solicited by winning “Coach of the year” the previous year or are coaches that player families have raved about. We look for the best of the best in coaches as well.

As one previous All-Star Coach stated

“It is the hardest, fastest paced job you will ever do and love for FREE”.

Good Luck All-Stars! Remember you are representing Cheyenne, your family and the entire Cheyenne Junior League.

We at the CJL would like to congratulate the Players that tried out for the Cheyenne All-Star teams. The CJL All-Star program consist of bracketed age group players (12 & under, 11 & under, and one 10 & under teams). These players must “try out” for the All-Star teams on the scheduled tryout date. Players are then scored and the information is passed to a committee that makes the selections. The All-Star coach is also allowed to select two players that did or did not make the selection.




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