60th Anniversary Year
Cheyenne Junior League Baseball
1955 - 2015

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FE Warren AFB information

The Cheyenne Junior League has had a wonderful relationship with the F. E. Warren Air force base here in Cheyenne. They have many players and baseball supporters stationed at Warren.

Their recreation dept has supported baseball in our community and is involved with the CJL on all aspects. The Air force base puts together their own Home teams for the CJL League and offers up great play during the season. Because of this we at the CJL have the opportunity to travel out on the base and play those teams.

Procedure for CJL teams entering the base:

1. Your CJL team roster must be submitted to Security Police for prior approval for all teams entering the base. You will need to submit your drivers License number and date of birth for the driver.

  • Chuck Finney is your FEW contact.
  • Center/Sports  773-2564   
  • Youth Sports Director  773-2546
  • e-mail:
  • Fax number: (307) 773-6748

2. Once the names have been approved, the roster is forwarded to the main gate. even though you have been approved to enter the main gate you will need the following:

  • Driver's License
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Vehicle Registration

3. When coming onto the base, drive to the main gate, tell the guard your name and that you are headed to the Youth baseball complex at the youth center. You may have to show your information. you should not have to get out of your car.

Note: This is a great honor for a local team to travel away and play on a another field. Please look at it this way. These men, women and their children sacrifice a lot for our community and country. Lets pay them back with respect, friendship and fun.

Map to the FE Warren ball fields:

Click here for printable map

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