60th Anniversary Year
Cheyenne Junior League Baseball
1955 - 2015

4211 Converse, Cheyenne, WY 82001


CJL Complex Info

Cheyenne Junior League Complex: 4211 Converse Ave

Complex Amenities

The complex consists of 3 field Pods, identified as South, Central, and East field pods. A Majors, AAA, & AA/Rookie field is available at each field pod. Field identification a game is scheduled is by league and pod, i.e. Majors South, AA Central, …etc.

Hot served Concessions, drinks and snacks are available and located in the center of the complex.

Mens and Women bathroom facilities are located at the concessions building.

A city run batting facility is located at the northwest corner of the south lot.

Facility Parking

General public:  Parking is only available at the South and East Lots. Entrance to the South lot can be accessed from Converse Ave. East lot parking is accessible from the Windmill Ave, Powers Field entrance.

Coaches, Handicap, Board Member, and concessions personnel: Those parking Coach/Handicap lot must present their CJL issued pass or Handicap permit to the gate attendant for entrance. Those parking in this lot without a proper pass or permit will be towed at owner’s expense.

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