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We are in need of board members!!!

The Cheyenne Junior League Baseball organization is an all volunteer organization. All the things you see being done around the baseball complex are done by volunteers who give of their time generously. If you have time for a meeting 2 times a month during the season (January-July), 1 meeting a month in the off season (August-December) and just a few hours a month to do help do your part. You can help make youth baseball in Cheyenne better. You can help shape how baseball is done at the Cheyenne Junior League by donating just a few hours a month to the cause.

Basically if you have at least 10 hours a month to help out we can use you!!

Please contact our President or ask for an application at the CJL registration.

Umpires Needed!!!

We still need umpires, if you are at least 16 years old, we need you. If you want a way to make some quick money this summer at a fun part-time job (we pay the best in Cheyenne).  If you have any questions you can contact Ernesto Perez @ 773-3468 or  Chuck Finney @ 773-2546.

We will be having umpire training on April 14, 2012 from 9 am - 12 pm.  You can fill out an umpire application or get more information here...

The Cheyenne Junior League

Is committed to the success and development of each player in the league, while keeping baseball fun for all. This site is used to keep parents and players informed of upcoming events, schedule changes, and league standings. Parents, players and coaches are encouraged to visit the web site at least once per month during the off season and every few days during the season.

Cheyenne Junior League is affiliated with the National Baseball Congress (NBC).

During the summer CJL holds the Howard Dunbar Tournament which is one of if not the largest sporting event in southeastern Wyoming. Cheyenne Junior League has a wonderful complex in which to play baseball.

"Rookie League" for 5 & 6 Year Olds
Change in the league age determination date.

The include Sign up days, Cleanup day, season championship play, Christmas parade, Baseball Clinics, and any other events that might be of interest.

The CJL standings section will provide you information on previous season standings. The CJL would like to thank all previous tournament participants. The following tables represent a historical look at the CJL Season Champions, Season Tournament Champions and Howard Dunbar Tournament winners. Congratulations to all on a job well done!
The CJL Rules section will provide you information on current rules adopted by the associated league. These rules are published by the National Baseball Congress (NBC) and shall govern the play of all teams. These rules will be used unless modified or voided by “Local Ground Rules”.
The CJL Sponsors section will provide you information on the great businesses and people interested in keeping kids involved. Without these local and national businesses our programs would not be a success. We at the CJL our indebted to these great companies and are proud to say ...THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!



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